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Slippery Rock Municipal Authority is ...

Slippery Rock Municipal Authority is an independent, non-profit corporate agent of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, exercising governmental, as well as private corporate power, in assisting the Commonwealth in meeting the needs of its citizens.

Certificate of Incorporation was issued by the Secretary of the Commonwealth on October 7, 1954.

The Authority is governed under the Municipality Authorities Act as amended and supplemented by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and pursuant to an ordinance enacted by the Borough of Slippery Rock.

The Authority serves approximately 1,900 customer/metered service connections; an approximate population service area of 15,000.

The Authority provides public water and sanitary sewer services to its ratepayers; and is responsible to its ratepayers and regulatory agencies.

Income to operate the Authority is derived directly from the service revenues provided by ratepayers using the public water and sanitary sewer services.

The Authority’s current Debt Service is:

  • $8,399,000    for Construction of new Wastewater TreatmentPlant; and
  • $6,698,000    for Construction of new Water Treatment Plant and Rehabilitation of existing Water Treatment Plant.

Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities are alternate vehicles for accomplishing public purposes without the direct action of counties, municipalities and school districts.

These purposes commonly include the acquisition, operations, financing, and construction of projects such as water supply and sewer systems.

Municipal Authorities may fix and collect rentals or other charges and may issue revenue bonds independent of the governing body that appoint their Boards.

Municipal Authorities receive no tax revenues.

Municipal Authorities set their rates and fees for services; they are not regulated by the PUC and can place liens for delinquencies against properties connected to their systems.

Issues with transient tenant accounts:

Processing has become increasingly disproportionate to processing owner/resident accounts and long-term tenant accounts.

All Authority customers bear the additional expense of processing tenant accounts.

Many metered units involve numerous transient occupants.

Many transient tenants leave without notice.

What will not change:

Property owner is liable for all water and sewer service charges.

Each metered account will continue to receive a bill.

Authority will discuss accounts with tenants.

Water will not be shut off at individual dwellings if property owner does not provide Authority ability to shut off individual meters.

Online account management is available to:

  • View and Print Bill
  • Pay Bill 
  • View Account History and Usage

What will change:

Each metered account will bear the name of the property owner (per county tax parcel ID), owner may forward bill to tenant.

There will be no tenant accounts and no deposits.

The Authority will NOT enter an occupied premise to shut off water or remove a meter for nonpayment of a bill.

Final meter readings and final bills will be provided for property transfers only; requests for these services will be charged a service fee.

Property owners will be responsible to provide:

  • Owner's current mailing address.
  • Name and contact information of tenants and to whom and where to send copy of bill.
  • Any changes, in writing, of account information ($10 fee for changes).

Options for deliverance of bills:

  • Option 1:  Bill sent only to Property Owner's address.
  • Option 2:  Bill sent only to Property Owner's Agent.
  • Option 3:  Bill sent to Property Owner or Agent and a copy sent to Tenant. 

To coordinate a "final" meter reading with the end of a lease, the Authority recommends structuring leases to end on or around the 15th of the month.

Anticipated effective date for changes:  October 15, 2018.